10 Most Influential War Games

Bring on the tanks, warships, fighter planes, missiles, guns, and ammunitions. It is time to determine the most influential war-themed games of all time. And to do that, I need a help from GameDaily, one of the leading websites dedicated to the gaming industry.

GameDaily's staff compiled the hundreds of war video games out there and selected the top 10 most influential games among them. Here is the list along with a brief description from GameDaily.

10. Herzon Zwei (Sega Genesis)
"Produced by the same team that made the Thunder Force shooting games, Zwei combines two styles into one engaging experience -- real-time strategy and solid shooting action."

9. Company of Heroes (PC)

"THQ perfected the art of the RTS with Company of Heroes. In it, players direct their factions into specific sections, setting them up for combat and dominating the enemy any way they can."

8. Romance of the Three Kingdoms & Dynasty Warriors

"Players dominate China between the second and third centuries, using smarts to keep their armies alive while also defending their territories."

7. General Chaos (Sega Genesis)

"Up to four players choose sides and then fight it out using various soldiers, ranging from grenade-lobbying grunts to flame-thrower carrying bad-asses. Players new to the game can enroll in a Boot Camp mode, to learn the basics of combat."

6. Gears of War (Xbox 360)

"In Gears of War, a fight breaks out between the well-armed Delta Squad and the nasty aliens, the Locust Horde."

5. Resistance: Fall of Man (PlayStation 3)

"Sony rewrote World War II with the enthralling shooter Resistance: Fall of Man, introducing a deadly alien threat that replaces those evil Nazis."

4. Medal of Honor (multi platform)

"EA's Medal of Honor series has only gotten better and better, culminating with this week's release of Medal of Honor: Airborne. This latest chapter looks intense, with players able to parachute right into enemy territory and complete missions any way they see fit."

3 Call of Duty

"Not to be outdone by EA's Medal of Honor series, Activision struck a chord with its Call of Duty franchise. It got attention with Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360, one of the better games for the system's launch."

2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

"In this game, players take back Mexico during a crisis, averting nuclear terror and taking out plenty of opposition along the way."

1. Combat (Atari, Atari 2600)

"Packed with the Atari 2600, Combat keeps things simple, with player versus player in an all-out fight for supremacy. Using planes and tanks through multiple variations, players find themselves utilizing a number of skills to get the precious kill."

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