10 Most Influential Vintage Video Games

Amiga Games are every bit as popular today as they were in the 1980’s. The Commodore Amiga is recognized as the most groundbreaking console allowing Amiga Games to be played at home. With its release over 20 years ago, it launched thousands of Amiga Games, if not more. It was most known for realistic audio and great visuals, relative to the time of its release of course. Although not the only console available at the time it was undoubtedly the most widely used Its prowess lies in the field of animation, and brought smoothness and realism to computer games, opening up a way for game consoles such as X-box and PlayStation.
The heyday for Amiga Games came in the late 80s when the computer’s custom chipset was developed, something which was way advanced for those times. recently created a review of vintage video games and rated the 10 most influential retro video games. Here’s a summary:

1. Defender of the Crown

For those who are into Amiga Games, Defender of the Crown is probably one of the best. With beautifully drawn scenes and a number of sprites and mini games, this tale of province to province conquest of England one of the best selling commodore games. An update of the Defender of the Crown is currently on the works and will soon be released by Cinemaware, maker of Myst and The 7th Guest.

2. Sensible Soccer

Released in 1992, Sensible soccer is a top down soccer game which came with a theme written by Captain Sensible of The Damned. Its point accurate gameplay and customization features make it a well loved by the Amiga population.

3. Speedball 2

Influenced heavily by Rollerball and other futuristic contact sports, Speedball is a top-down sports game featuring great visuals and very playable too. The sequel was added with better gameplay, and a guy shouting “iiice creeeam” in the background.

4. Syndicate

Released in 1993, this adult version of a near cyber-punk themed future is described aptly by Commodore games as such: “In the dark and twisted cities of tomorrow, corporate Syndicates compete for global dominance.”

5. Lemmings

A strategy puzzle game with adorable suicidal characters. Here, the player has to create bridges and barriers to manipulate a group of lemmings into exiting off the level. With its first release in 1992, this Amiga Games has 20 levels and can be played with two mice connected to the computer. Publishing rights for this game is now owned by Sony.

6. Pinball dreams

Regarded as the best pinball simulatorss of all time, Pinball Dreams is best known for its music-themed beat box and rocket launch-themed ignition.

7. Cannon Fodder

A tragicomic game about war, it is intelligent and well-executed. Many claim that Cannon Fodder’s ambivalence toward war makes it a good lesson to teach younger generation of the uselessness of war.

8. Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Beast had a lush fantasy artwork and some analysts say that has become popular more of its great graphics than for the excellence of its gameplay.

9. Another World

Considered as a milestone in the history of Amiga Games, this game has brought with it the beauty of European art combined with a sensible sci-fi plot, making it one of the most important releases in the history of gaming.

10. Worms

Released in 1996 by Team 17, Worms is another game designed specifically for Amiga. Several sequels have already made from the original and Xbox Live Arcade is scheduled to release Worms HD soon.

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