10 Most Destructive Game Characters Of All Time

No Blah Blah - Just start with the reverse Count Down of the Top 10 most Destructive Game Characters of All Time.
Note : There might be characters that are not that destructive in the game, but have the means, abilities and resources to be absolutely nuts on their day. Also i wont be going into characters who have little roles in the game ? only mainstream characters


9. 47

8. Snake

7. Dastan

6. Gordon Freeman

5. Marcus Fenix

4. Dante

3. Duke Nukem

2. Master Chief (Runners - Up)

1. Kratos ( The Winner)

Hope you liked the list - If you didn’t well you got to understand there are at least 20-30 more characters who could have been in the list. So see how difficult it was for me to include them.
I am adding Description to the characters. Originally i didnt coz i thoug

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