10 Most Annoying Things About Women

Ok, before I get bombarded with hate mail and comments, realize that these are just my opinions based on SOME, I repeat SOME, of the women I’ve encountered during my 24 years of life. I haven’t met a woman who did ALL of these annoying things, but every one at least did one. So read it, enjoy it, laugh at it (if you find it funny), and if something hits home, GET YOURSELF IN ORDER, lol.

10. Potty Mouths
I promise on everything, I just talked to a girl on the phone 10 minutes prior to writing this and her exact words were, “I’m hungry, I’ma get some muthaf***a to bring me some muthaf***in’ food over here.” My response, “Wow, you wilding shortie. Take care.” I don’t know who told yall it was cool to curse for no reason at all, probably ya hoodrat ass mommas (yea BE OFFENDED), but that is a BAD LOOK.

9. Trying To Find Out What’s Wrong With Me
You are not my therapists, PAUSE. Once I tell your hard headed butt that I’m good, then leave me alone. “No you’re not.” How are you gonna tell me when something is wrong with me? The fact that some girls keep asking me what’s wrong with me, MAKES SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.

8. Indecisiveness
Make up your damn mind. Either you wanna mess with me or you don’t. Stop complaining, leaving, then deciding 2 weeks later you need some dick. I’m always the same, it never changes unless you do something retarded – in which case I’m done with you all together.

7. Bad Kids
Put a leash on those rugrats. Making your kids curse and say smart stuff is not cute either. If I come over and they are all in my face, annoying me, I’m leaving. Better go work that stuff out with ya baby daddy or somebody who has the patience for it. Instead of trying to find another dude to make another baby with, learn to control the ones you have.

6. Women Who Can’t/Don’t Cook
What is your purpose in life? Seriously? Ya’ll have only been cooking and raising kids for a million years, what is the problem? If you can’t cook, you might as well go lock yourself in the closet and re-evaluate your life. I don’t care how fine you are, how good you slob me up, or about your job……if you can’t cook, you could never be my significant other.

5. Low Self-Esteem
Get over it. How am I suppose to like you when you don’t even like yourself? I love bad broads who KNOW they are bad broads. They say it, they know it, they live it.

4. Dumb Friends
Some ladies are great, but their friends aren’t. I don’t know why some women are attached at the hip to their girls. Think for yourself. If your girl wants to get a tattoo on her neck, that doesn’t mean you have to do it to. Now ya’ll will both be 45 and looking stupid. Know when to cut someone off and just say no. Oh, and NO HOOKUPS. Tell ya girls to get their own dudes. I don’t play matchmaker aka somebody to keep your lonely girl busy while I try to tear you out the frame. If she’s that bored, she can join us.

3. Complaining About Black Men
On average, most of the women who complain about black men haven’t dated more than 10-20 guys in their who lives. 50 TOPS. There are millions of black men that you haven’t met, nor will ever meet. I’m not responsible for who cheated on you, beat you, or got you pregnant. If anything, you should complain about yourself, cause you’re the one who keeps letting these wack men put their dicks in you. Don’t complain about guys like me when you keep giving head to guys like me. Change yourself and that’ll change the people that are around you.

2. Hypocrites
“Don’t talk to me if you ain’t making money.” Woman, please. You’re B-R-O-K-E. I saw your pictures on Myspace; you were in a small bedroom with the mattress on the floor. Your mirror was dirty. Your designer bags are fake. Your Cartier glasses are fake (DETROIT). You still live with your momma……and she’s broke too. I pay more in taxes than you gross, but I’d still never give you a dollar.

1. Talking About Other Women
I HATE THIS. I HATE THIS. I HATE THIS. One of the biggest reasons my main is my main is because she doesn’t care about other girls, well at least she never says anything about them. Cute, ugly, fine, whatever……she doesn’t care. Forget about how men disrespect women, how about how WOMEN DISRESPECT WOMEN? Yall go so hard on each other it’s ridiculous. All that hate is crazy. “Why would he leave me for that ugly girl?” Well……..ummmm, maybe he doesn’t think she’s ugly. I can’t count how many times I had one girl say another girl was ugly……while the other girl was saying the same about her. Both of them were average. As far as I’m concerned, unless you’re Lauren London, you don’t get to say who’s cute or not.

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