How to Prevent Virus from Flash disk Infecting Your Computer

Flash disk is a media that is the most widely used in virus spread. At the time when we plug flas disk into computer’s USB port, then default windows will directly open a new task with the Auto play function. Many viruses use the Auto Play function to spread themselves and then infecting our computer.

Through this method, we will try to minimize the virus infection into computer by making disable the Auto Play function.

The steps are as follows:

- Click Start -> run “gpedit.msc”

- Select Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates

- Then select System, find the file Turn Off Auto Play and double click it

- Then check the option enabled and Turn Off Auto Play, select All Drive

- Then, click OK, Close and restart

Another way to minimize the virus infection to the computer is by enabling Guest user login and always login with the guest user. Guest user will make us indirectly killing the registry. Virus always infects registry file and change the value in it.

The last, you can minimize virus infection to computer by, of course, using anti-virus.
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