10 Most Ridiculous Airbrushed Shirts in Music

Airbrushed t-shirts aren't just reserved for white trash, anymore! Once a staple for lot lizards and trailer park queens, airbrushed shirts are branching out, these days. No longer is airbrushed subject matter limited to just slutty, oversized Betty Boops.
No matter how fancy the designs, airbrushed shirts still scream GHETTO. So, we've dug up the worst of the worst. Check out our 10 Most Ridiculous Airbrushed Shirts in Music.

1. Hector Lavoe

Who? Exactly. Hector was a Puerto Rican salsa singer, and judging from the looks of him, he was the Puerto Rican Liberace, only creepier. Shower immediately after taking this shirt off.

2. Jimi Hendrix

Few artists have inspired as much bad art as Jimi, from airbrushings to black light posters. If you're going to get a huge face airbrushed on your chest, though, make sure to spell the name right. If they'd airbrushed a pool of vomit over it, then we'd be impressed.

3. Janet Jackson

This girl looks so proud of her creepy new Janet Jackson shirt. Maybe it's the fact that their eyebrows match. Judging from the whore posters on the wall, this girl better get used to being called "Miss Jackson".

4. Busta Rhymes

WOAH. The artwork on this is pretty bad ass, but Busta looks like he's going to bust out of the shirt and swallow you in his enormously giant mouth. This one should be worn during making out, while your girlfriend wears the Paula Abdul, making for one truly bizarre four way. And why did they airbrush the herpes on his lip?

5. Madonna

Madonna's the constant. From the white trash days to today's fancy airbrushings, Madonna's always been there. She even signed this one, which makes it just that much more ridiculous.


What's with all the airbrushed tongues? After about three washings, it's going to look like Gene has a giant slug coming out of his mouth. Or a penis. Or a slug penis.

7. The Rolling StonesSticky Fingers?

You got the body part all wrong. Get yourself an extreme airbrushed crotch, and get back to us. It'll be just like Playboy magazine. Sluttiness. You're doing it wrong.

8. Bob Marley

As if reggae wasn't bad enough, you have to mix it with The Pink Panther? The white trash aren't going to give up the airbrushing easily.

9. Biggie

The artwork's pretty good here, but it looks like a scene straight out of Tales from the Hood. Biggie's going to eat your whole soul in one sitting, and call it an "appetizer".

10. Tupac

Tupac may have surpassed Betty Boop as the most airbrushed figure of all time. With all that practice, you'd think people could get it right. This shirt looks like what would happen if Marilyn Manson and Gollum had a black baby. You better send in that drawing of the turtle and get yourself an art scholarship, quick!

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