10 Most Popular Wii Games

1. Wii Play (with remote)

Price: $44.99
What it is: A collection of mini-games, in the spirit of "Wii Sports," the "Wii Play" package showcases the gesture controls of the Wii remote. It includes billiards, ping pong, a shooting gallery, laser hockey (a cousin to air hockey), Find Mii (like the classic Where's Waldo? games), Pose Mii (mimic a pose by rotating the remote), fishing, cow riding and tank battles. It also includes an extra Wii remote.
Who it is for: People who want a second controller for the Wii. The games are not all that fun or interesting when compared to its "Sports"-themed counterpart, but they do show off what the console can do. And since the bundle is only $10 more than a stand-alone controller, it is actually a steal.

2. Mario Kart

Price: $49.99
What it is: A battle royale racing game. The colorful cast of Nintendo characters speed through a creative set of circuits inspired by Mario's past. It is far from serious--players collect weaponry (shoot shells, shrink racers or drop slippery banana peels) that they can use to impede the competition. Gamers can steer using the motion-sensing controls (and an included wheel peripheral) or by using a traditional controller set up.

Who it is for: Everyone. "Mario Kart" is one of the few games both easy and entertaining enough for just about everyone. The weapons system, which gives racers at the back of the pack more powerful armaments, lets players of all skill levels keep up with their more experienced rivals. The motion-sensing controls, which mimic real driving, make the game more accessible for folks who are not glued to their controllers.

3. Super Smash Bros: Brawl

Price: $49.99
What is it: A fighter's free for all. "Smash Bros." invites icons from the Nintendo universe (and a few special guests) to battle it out in a gladiatorial contest. The arenas tend to feature multiple layers and moving parts. Each character has its own set of super powers that skilled players can use to decimate the competitors. And, of course, there are gag weapons (like summoning Pokemon) that can be deployed if mere punching and kicking isn't doing the trick.

Who it is for: Folks looking for a quick, easy-to-play fighting game. Most should be able to battle competently just by mashing away at buttons. Those who take the time to master the systems will have an advantage. It probably will not be a big hit with elders, but it is one of the must-own titles in a Wii library for any serious game player.

4. Wii Fit

Price: $89.99
What it is: An exercise platform. "Wii Fit" is bundled with a glorified bathroom scale known as the balance board. Along with detecting poundage, it can also tell how weight is distributed--so it knows if you're standing on one leg. The game itself charts both weight and body mass index. "Wii Fit" also hosts a slew of aerobic, strength and balance games designed to help you tone your body. A typical "Wii Fit" workout might include hula hooping, squatting, sit ups and downward dogs.

Who it is for: Gamers looking for some motivation to get off the couch and move around. The physically fit won't work up a sweat performing its accoutrement of exercises, but the "Wii Fit" collection is a good starting place for anyone without a regular fitness program. The progress charting does act as a motivational tool--particularly when a talking balance board admonishes you for gaining an extra pound or two.

5. Super Mario Galaxy

Price: $46.99
What it is: Mario's first Wii adventure. Instead of tromping through palace sewer systems, Mario takes his hopping- and coin-collecting acrobatics to outer space. He'll run through a host of planets in his eternal effort to save Princess Peach.

Who it is for: Anyone who enjoys Mario games: running, jumping and stomping on goombas. The controls can be a wee tricky for new game players, but it is one of the essential titles to own for the console.

6. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Price: $49.99 (game only)
Price: $89.99 (with guitar controller)

What it is: The third iteration of the now infamous living room rock band simulator. Like its predecessors, "Legend of Rock" has players furiously tapping out songs on plastic guitars. It also has a competitive battle mode where players can fling distractions at their opponents by successfully nailing a series of notes. The soundtrack includes hits from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer.

Who it is for: Wannabe rock stars. "Guitar Hero" ranks up there with the Wii in terms of products that have vastly expanded the game- playing audience. Coordination can be tricky, but most people should get the hang of strumming away at plastic keys after a few tries.

7. Mario Party 8

Price: $49.99
What it is: A virtual board game. "Mario Party" is a long-standing franchise that replicates the feel of playing Monopoly but does it on your TV. The main difference is that instead of buying real estate, you're competing against your friends in one of 65 mini-games. Winning the game is a matter of collecting the most stars (instead of cash).

Who it is for: Folks looking for a virtual board game that the whole family can enjoy. "Mario Party" can be a lot of fun--helped out by its wide range of mini-competitions that often flex your motion control. "Mario Party" veterans, however, will quickly tire of it because the game reuses a lot of material from prior games.

8. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Price: $46.99
What it is: The story of an adolescent hero who must rid the land of evil and--hopefully--save the Princess Zelda in the process. Your adventures will send you to all corners--often via horseback--of a sprawling kingdom. You'll fight monsters, shoot arrows, solve environmental puzzles and creep through dungeons. Oh, and the hero, Link, has a slight wolf problem that forces him to slink around the world incognito half of the time.

Who it is for: Adventurers. "Legend of Zelda" is another staple of the Wii. Every serious game player should own a copy. Controls are advanced, making it difficult for your mom to play, but you do get to wave the Wii remote around like a sword.

9. Mario And Sonic: Olympic Games

Price: $46.99
What it is: Mario the Plumber and Sonic the Hedgehog team up to celebrate the summer Olympics. They, and a host of familiar Nintendo faces, compete in sprints, swimming trampoline, archery and 20 other events.

Who it is for: Folks looking for a game to play with others. The collection of Olympic events make interesting use of the Wii's waggle controls. Besides, there's nothing like seeing the bulging Mario take home the gold in this series of mini-games.

10. Wii Zapper With Link's Crossbow Training

Price: $17.99
What it is: A short shooting game packaged with the Wii Zapper. Join Link, the hero of "Zelda," as he roams throughout the land of Hyrule shooting targets and enemies. The game is short, but fun.

Who it is for: "Zelda" fans and people who want to shoot stuff. You probably would not want to pay for "Crossbow Training" on its own, but it is a good deal when bundled with the Wii Zapper. If you're a fan of either Link or those old light-gun games, the title is worth picking up.

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