10 Most Popular Action Games to Play Online

If you like playing PC games online, then you will love this list of the best online action games. These online action games have good performance in a normal broadband connection. I really Like Urban Terror & WarRock. Make Sure to check these popular online action games out yourself.

1. Urban Terror

Urban Terror is a total conversion mod for Quake III Arena that was released way back in the day, when the Counter-Strike (CS) community was just cropping up. The game didn’t quite become as popular, but there were loads of people who’d play this over CS. That was mainly because they’d get their asses whooped too bad in CS. When the Quake 3 engine went open source, this game become completely free.

2. Street Fighter Online

If you’re a Street Fighter fan chances are you’ve already heard of the not-all-that-official X-Men vs. Street Fighter Online website. This place keeps stats of players, tracks ladder match winners and does all of it for free. You can play the downloaded version or the online version, should you choose to.

3. Tribes 2

Tribes 2 is credited to being one of the pioneers in online FPS games, and was one of the first few titles to feature deployable turrets and vehicles. The game’s available as a free download over at Tribesnext, a community site that’s being keeping servers up and running long after Vivendi pulled the plug.

4. America’s Army

America’s Army is an online shooter that was funded by the US Military as a project to help deal with Post-traumatic-stress disorder. The game’s become really popular all over the world now, and servers are up and running 24/7. If you wish to try out a shooter and don’t mind the patronizing, give this a shot.

5. Shaiya

If you’re in the mood for a sandbox MMORPG (one where you don’t follow a fixed quest structure to level up), Shaiya might be right up your alley. The game’s been launched in North America and Europe, making it more mass-flavored that far-eastern MMOs. It doesn’t have the tedious grind of a Korean MMO, but at the same time, it doesn’t have the depth either.

6. Anarchy Online

In the mood for some Sci-Fi western-MMORPG? If so, Anarchy Online might be right up your alley. While the game has its share of technical issues, the fact that it’s completely free to download and play should offer incentive to give it a shot.

7. Silkroad Online

Wish to indulge in a Korean MMORPG? Silkroad Online is just that - loads of monster slaying, heaps of jibberish (if you don’t understand Korean) and loads of getting your ass kicked for reasons you’d never fully understand. Regardless, Silkroad Online is a ton of fun and should you choose to try it, ensure that you don’t get hooked onto the grind.

8. WarRock

While not to most bug-free Online FPS experiences of my past, the little time I spent with War Rock was fun as hell. I remember a little bug that let me go underground and spray the enemy full of lead from below their feet. If you’re a sucker for online shooters and don’t mind ridiculous bugs, give WarRock a shot!

9. GunBound

One of the most fun sidescrolling online shooters I’ve ever played, GunBound plays a lot like Worms where you plan a shot, pull the trigger and release, praying that your shots hit the enemy. While the game has a good amount of microtransactions for those who want it, should you choose to play it for free it’s completely free.

10. If you know of Any Better Game Let Us know…

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