10 Most expensive animals in the world

Monkeys, lions and chimpanzees are the animals that we often see in the wild, but all the exotic animals you can buy in the U.S. market. With a lot of money, you can turn your home into the modern zoo. All these animals can be purchased legally, without prejudice to the laws.

10. Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies (4.000-5.000 $)

It is very old and, perhaps, very interesting. Dogs world, has many unique characteristics, so it can find something for everyone, suitable for yourself. In horde are from 1 to 9 puppies, but often - 3-5. Chinese Dogs live a long time, about 11-14 years, which explains healthy genetics. Lack of fur - the genetic mutation, rather than a genetic defect. The ideal height of 23 to 33 cm, ideal weight is between 3 to 4.5 kg.

9. Savannah (4.000-10.000 $)

Bengal breeder Judea Franck was able to cross African wild cat and a domestic cat, while receiving the first voluntary in 1986 April 7 th. It is considered one of the larger domestic cat breeds. Early generation of voluntary may weigh 4,5-12 kg, later - 3,5-8 kg.

8. Mona Guenon (6.000 $)

Marmoset monkeys widespread genus belonging to the West African tropical forests, but this animal is capable of adapting to any forest environment.

7. De Brazza's Monkey (10.000 $)

They are widely distributed in central Africa and Ethiopia, and western Kenya, especially in forests near rivers and swamps. Monkey lives about 22 years. This is drove, territorial monkeys, which live in small social groups. Each group leader is the strongest male, the duty - to protect the group members. Females weighing 4 kg, and males - 7.5 kg.

6. Striped Ball Python (10.000 $)

Piton breeder, Bob Clark states that the yellow tape with black edges are what makes this animal very unique.

5. Hyacinth Macaw (6.500-12.000 $)

These birds are approximately 1 meter in length and is bright blue. He lives in central and eastern South America.

4. Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python (15.000 $)

3. Lavender Albino Python Female (20.000 $)

2. Chimpanzee (60.000-65.000 $)

Common Chimpanzee are found in Africa. It is threatened by extinction. Chimpanzees of the groups, whose size is constantly changing. Each group may be about 25 members, but the animals are constantly migrating from one team to another. Home chimpanzee food - the various plants. Chimpanzees weighing around 52 kilograms, while the male is usually slightly larger than females.

1. White Lion (138.000 $)

White Lion is a very rare because the animals are albino, and his unexpected genes of white skin pigment. White lion's eye color is similar to the ordinary lion, but the pigmentation of the fur and skin - not. For its price, strictness, and lack of maintenance, white lion, remains one of the most difficult animals acquired the world. Very rare white lions: the nature removed more than 10 years ago - they were removed from their natural habitat and only bred in captivity in South Africa. They also bred in zoos and circuses. Compared to the recently launched to try to return these animals back to nature. Several individuals have already makes its first steps in nature, but all of their kinsman living in captivity.

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