10 Most beautiful game babes

10. Nina Williams: Tekken

Nina is one of the most skilled and enduring of Tekken characters with a range of saucy outfits. A old-blooded assassin, granted, but hot damm she always looks good doing it!

9. Christie: Dead or Alive

Another cold and callous assassin, Christie is a femme fatale not afraid to use her stunning looks for her own selfish ends. Amazing boots, too.

8. Alyx Vance: Half-Life 2

The Half-Life 2 star combines brains with beauty along with a sense of humour and a fiery determination, making her one of the coolest game chicks ever.

7. Joanna Dark: Perfect Dark

This former bounty hunter now CI agent strikes a blow for redheads the world over. Has the guile to get herself out of the tightest of situations and knows how to handle large weapons.

6. Rachel: Ninja Gaiden

A female character straight out of the old school: ie. she has obscenely large breasts. And big blue eyes. She’s not a bad fiend hunter, either.

5. Chun-Li: Street Fighter

The pioneering Chun-Li was one of the very first female playable characters in a fighting game. She also had the most amazingly muscular thighs.

4. Jill Valentine: Resident Evil

After being a soldier in the original Resident Evil, Jill went all mini-skirt sexy for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Sympathetic and caring, with a great sense of style when out of uniform.

3. Isabella ‘Ivy’ Valentine: Soul Calibur

Another Valentine but surely no relation? Ivy brandishes a mean snake sword and is not to be messed with, despite the raunchy and revealing outfits.

2. Eileen Galvin: Silent Hill 4

Eileen brought a touch of heroin chic to the gaming world in Silent Hill 4. This tragic young woman bled her way through most of the game while somehow managing to still look cute.

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

We couldn’t leave her out, could we? The ultimate game babe and one of the most iconic figures in the whole world. Now a more modest 34C rather than her original 36D.


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