10 Most Annoying Things About Online Gaming

Online gaming is still truly in its infancy stage and therefore is quite immature and on occasion will soil itself. That being said it is still worth the love and dedication it needs to grow, but all good parents must be able to scorn their children when they do something wrong. So far no one has scorned baby online, so I will be the civic minded one here and lay down the law.

10. Typing

I notice that more and more people are buying headsets now for playing online PC games, but for the love of god we need to get rid of typing in PC games. It takes the immersion level down when you have to stop to type something. It also usually ends up with me getting a slug in the brain while I am busy relating something. Please PC game makers, take out typing and force everyone to buy USB headsets.

9. Kids

For the love of god will someone call little Timmy’s parents and tell them he has the mouth of a trucker. There are a lot of mature kids playing online, but about 30% of them are the most annoying, horrible, and inconceivable teammates you ever want to play with.

8. Weapon Whores

Some people out there just can’t play a game without getting their favorite piece of death and destruction. The best example of this is the sniper in Halo 2. I am really good with the sniper, but so far I have been betrayed about 300 times because I was first in line to get it and the moron behind me thinks he is better with it so he lovingly tosses a grenade at my feet. You can’t always get what you want!

7. Spawn Campers

Ohh I long for the day when I can exact my revenge on those who think it’s funny to camp at my spawn and kill me as I materialize. It is the reason that I stopped playing GRAW so much. The game turned from fun tactical shooter into a race for the other teams spawn point. Can‚Äôt the developers put up some kind of invisible wall around spawn points, at least give us a chance to live before Timmy blows our grey matter across the beautifully rendered ground.

6. Noobs

There are 2 breeds of noobs out there. The first are people new to the game that will listen and work with you in order to make themselves better at the game. Then there are the noobs who can‚Äôt seem to take constructive criticism as anything else but an insult towards their mom’s pureness. These noobs curse and scream at you when all you wanted to do was to let them know something useful. They think if the cuss enough they won’t look quite as noobish, but I think we all know better.

5. Corpse Humping (aka Teabagging)

Oh it’s all fun when you are doing it to someone else, but the second someone drops their wrinkly coin purse down upon your face it just not funny anymore. You spend the rest of the round trying to return the favor and usually end up losing the game.

4. Racism & Homophobia

Why must every 13 to 18 year old boy in this country use the word fag and nig%& like it’s going out of style? Just once I would like to get through a game without some moronic 15 year old spewing every racist and homophobic word out of his underdeveloped mouth. I am all for letting off steam while playing but a bunch of white kids screaming nig$#@ is just plain stupidity.

3. Lag

I know that lag will most likely be around for as long as gaming exists, but that doesn‚Äôt mean that it’s not annoying as hell. The thing about lag though is that it seems to show its ugly head at the wrong time. How many times have you been getting ready to make a kill and all of a sudden your prey is on the other side of the room walking face first into the wall? We must shut down the web and make the internet a gaming only zone, who‚Äôs with me!

2. Cheaters

This one should be obvious. No one likes these people so they feel the need to get online every night and throw the balance of a game off. What kind of person is so desperate for attention that they have to get it in a negative manner? I don’t understand how playing a game with an overwhelming advantage is fun. Seems to me that it would take all the fun out of the game.

1. A-Holes

Yeah that’s right my number one is all the glorious people who wake up everyday not realizing that they are big a-holes. They don’t mind cheating or talking to loud into their mic, because they don’t care. Online games allow them the anonymity they desire to perpetuate their a-holeness. Each one of them is the cause for most of this list. I know there is no way to get rid of these people online but just getting to rant about it eases my mind a bit.

If you can think of anymore online annoyances please post it in our comments section.

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