10 Most Addictive iPhone Games

1. Wi-Fi Warfare

This fast-paced combat game is very similar to a free online combat game called SOLDAT from Poland, but less graphically intense. Two words: ROCKET BOOTS!

2. Sky Burger

Catching falling hamburger ingredients from the sky is weirdly addictive, much like eating Whoppers.

3. ScribBall

An insanely addictive game for the non-gaming gamer that involves popping rainbow-colored bubbles. This is the romantic comedy of games, because your girlfriend will like it, too.

4. iShoot

his game is strongly influenced by an early 90s DOS game, Scorched Earth, but with more realistic terrains and backgrounds. Now that grunge is back, I think I feel an MS-DOS revival coming on.

5. Light Wars

It’s supposed to look like a vector game from the 80s but with modern particle effects (Kurt claims that any game nerd will know what this means, when I looked at him puzzlingly).

6. Eye vs Eye

This two-player color-matching competition is basically a graphic designer’s wet dream of a game. If you’d rather play with Pantone cards than have sex or eat ice cream, this is the game for you!

7. Cuorbs

Color-changing squares. It’ll take you to the Stone Zone!

8. Adrenaline

Alex says “I’ve literally never been more stressed out in my life than when playing this game, both physically and mentally. i almost broke down. This game is more stressful than impending unemployment, a taxing breakup, death in the family, etc.” It’s addictive, if you love being miserable! Which is probably most of the people who like our band.

9. Mino
Tetris but with net play and two modes, standard and glacier.

10. 7 Colors
A classic two-player Commodore 64 game that’s “kind of stupid” but a fun mix of strategy and luck. Good hangover game when you’re too braindead to read a book in the van.

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